Carpenter's brackets

Product Information

High-quality beechwood false square with a slotted blade, offering a wide range of adjustment. The tool can be locked at any angle with the wing nut.


Width in mm :
One size: 36

Length in mm :
One size: 300

Height in mm :
One size: 26

Data sheet

Material: beech wood


Setting up of riders
Labels in the customer’s colours

Woodex Quality

The loyalty of our customers for all these years proves that the service offered, the quality of the products and the adaptation to new markets correspond to their expectations.
A lot of investments have been made in the quality control of our products: MB vision camera, follow-up sheet etc…
All new products are first tested in the design office and then in the field in real conditions.


Woodex has hundreds of carpenter’s brackets in stock, available quickly.

Our Offer

Carpenter’s brackets are available:

Bare or with a cardboard backing in the customer’s colours.

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