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Our range of WOODEX wood products

The dowels are used to assemble furniture, kitchens, joinery (windows, doors, etc.), drawers and other wooden constructions.
100% FSC certified and manufactured according to DIN 68150-1

Types of Dowels:

Woode Lamellos are used to assemble furniture and worktops
Made of beech or birch.
100% FSC for beech lamellas according to BV-COC-020901

The sticks are made of beech wood. Their standard length is one meter.
100% FSC.

Types of sticks :

Konus are made from healthy wood felled in winter. The moisture content of the wood at the end of the kiln is 10-12%.

Types of stoppers :

The spikes are made of beech wood. They are produced in Europe.
100% FSC.

Types of spikes :

Parquet and tile accessories

Here you will find the entire range of accessories for laying solid and laminate flooring, as well as accessories for laying tiles.

Types of accessories :


Woodex offers various standard wood products but can also meet all your specific requirements.

Miscellaneous products :